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The Make An Impact Podcast

Mar 1, 2021

The secret to finding your most powerful story that is waiting inside of you to come out is not always easy, nor a natural feeling process. 

Carlos Maestas is a standup comedian, turned bestselling author, and is a fantastic storyteller. He uses these skills to help nonprofits, universities and foundations tap into the equity of their stories in order to inspire and motivate audiences. He even wrote the book on it! It’s called Mommy Lied to God and today he shares the best way to really tap into your secret sauce of a story and hone it for powerful human connections. It’s not only an invaluable tool to have when cultivating interpersonal relationships, but also in pitching your non-profit or business to someone. Powerful storytelling will always be the way that we can get people to rally with us in the quest to fulfill our mission. Learn how to strengthen this skill during this interview with Carlos! 

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