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The Make An Impact Podcast

Jul 27, 2020

Have you been doing years of volunteer work, social media sharing, and creating campaigns around your favorite cause? Have you been doing tireless work for something that really strikes true in your heart, even though it’s just on the side? Would you like to position it into your full-time job with your dream non-profit organization?

Jennifer Schmidt racked up years of mission promotion, content creation, and executed new campaigns all centered around her passion, Type 2 Diabetes Awareness and Prevention, since the young age of 15. After her graduation from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 2019, she was able to position the years of her hard work into her dream job as Manager of Donor Relations at the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Diabetes Association. 

Tune in to hear how she did it, her advice to recent college graduates heading into the job hunting frenzy, and her methods for creating (and maintaining) a killer donor relations program! 

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