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The Make An Impact Podcast

Jan 8, 2021

EPISODE 31: BONUS - Meditation for Healing Trauma and PTSD with Casey Dohse, LMFT (Train Like a Warrior Campaign) 
In week 2 of the Train Like A Warrior Campaign with Operation Not Alone, we thought in light of this weeks’ events in the United States, there couldn’t be a better time to release this meditation. Taking just 10 minutes to breathe deeply, become aware of your body and surroundings, and do a mental health check on yourself is beyond important. 
This is a meditation created by a veteran, for veterans. However, the messaging for healing trauma and PSTD can be utilized and benefited by anyone experiencing this. 
Remember to take care of you ♥️
**Disclaimer that this meditation is not designed to treat or diagnose PTSD. If you are struggling with PTSD and/or trauma, please seek out a professional for help. For immediate assistance, please call the Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255