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The Make An Impact Podcast

Jun 30, 2021

I couldn't resist asking Ainslie a whole host of questions regarding our souls, romantic soulmates, our spirit guides, and so much more. Plus, we get into the discussion of what it means to truly be an empath and why he believes there is an epidemic between the empaths and the narcissists. 
Let's just say that this...

Jun 28, 2021

What is your soul's purpose? What are you meant to be doing with your life? Why are you being called into certain career paths? Why do you feel drawn to helping other people? 

Ainslie MacLeod is a past-life psychic who has uncovered these exact burning questions. He explains that in order to know where we're going in...

Jun 14, 2021

So you want to start a non-profit, but have no idea where to start, right? Do you actually need a 501(c)3 status in order to be legit? How much paperwork is actually involved? Does it cost any money to make a charity - after all the term is “non” profit. 

Well, this episode is about to be your new best friend in...

Jun 7, 2021

There's achieving goals, and then there's striving to achieve your whole next level of life. How you want your days to look, where your income streams are flowing from, how you're making an impact on the world, and everything in between. When you're getting ready to reach for the next level in life that aligns with your...

May 31, 2021

What is the difference between a charitable organization and a charitable foundation?

What is the difference between a 501(c)3 and a 501(c)4?

Which one should you start that better matches your goals, vision, and long-term funding options? How does fundraising work for each type? What is the best option for taxes?