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The Make An Impact Podcast

May 17, 2021

Have you been wondering to yourself, "am I in the right city for my next big move?" Whether that's for your career, starting a business, looking for a new romantic partnership, or just looking for a fresh start it can be overwhelming with where to start. 

I was so fortunate to sit down with Jessica Palm and Tim Cowden from The Kansas City Area Development Council to talk about the unique idea that some cities are better than others for your entrepreneurial goals. From cost of living, to tax implications, to start up resources, and more, it can be an interesting debate. Large companies move cities and open new branches for a variety of reasons, but what would be the benefit of starting your new business somewhere new? 

It's an interesting conversation, and one that will leave you wondering if a move (particularly among our Midwestern friends) is right for you!

For more info on The Kansas City Area Development Council: visit