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The Make An Impact Podcast

Apr 19, 2021

Okay, so you’ve tackled the fundraising and the grant writing. You’ve secured the money! But now where does it sit and who is managing it? Who is responsible when your organization gets audited? Does the word ‘audit’ make your palms sweat a little? Don’t worry - that’s a totally normal reaction, but thankfully, it doesn’t have to be! 

The Visionary Accountant, Germeen Greene, joins this episode to share her wisdom on all things non-profit accounting, cloud-based accounting systems, staying audit ready so that it doesn’t invoke stress, and more! I couldn’t stop myself from asking “just one more question” because her wisdom was just too great! It’s an amazing conversation about how to set your organization up for success from the financial department in a way that doesn’t seem confusing or overwhelming. It’s absolutely an episode that you’ll want to save and come back to time and time again!

Check Germeen out and learn more accounting wisdom here:

Non-Profit Feature of the Week: How About HOPE, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that raises awareness about suicide and mental health conditions, because your voice and story matter. A great resource hub for mental health resources! 


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