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The Make An Impact Podcast

Mar 22, 2021

Did someone say, “the youngest Muslim elected official in the United States?” 

Bushra Amiwala is a Pakistani-American who was elected to her first public service position at just 19-years-old in Skokie, Illinois. While this interview talks about the fun stuff, like the fact that she’s been on the cover of Time Magazine, is a part of a Hulu Documentary, got to hang out with Kamala Harris, and more (as if that wasn’t enough!) We also talk about the realities behind this kind of global exposure, what she’s had to overcome to become the woman she is today, and how to channel your inner self-confidence when the world comes at you with critics of all kinds. 

Fun Fact: the first time I met her in person was thanks to the Miss America Organization and I walked up to her after the show to gush over the fact that I Googled her in the audience and basically wanted to be her best friend. And today, she’s still making an impact every single day, on stages of all sizes, all over the world, and for people of all backgrounds. 

To learn more about her, or how to support her, check out her website at: or on Instagram at: @bushraamiwala! 


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