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The Make An Impact Podcast

Jan 11, 2021

Does talking about money make your palms sweat? Do you know how, when, or where to invest? Does it all seem too overwhelming and like you just want to hide from the topic of money/retirement/investing? 

Well, let’s conquer that fear! This interview with Katie Perry from Public will be the single most useful thing you’ve heard today. We talk about the reasons behind why women, people of different races, and millennials have all historically been at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding finances, the stock market, and the idea of investing. And most importantly, how we can change that. 

Katie offers an incredible overview of how to invest as easy as possible with the Public app, which offers fractional investing, and how to take steps in understanding what’s going on in the stock market. This conversation touches on everything from diversifying your portfolio, to capital gains tax, and everything in between. It’s 40-minutes of easy-to-understand information about this traditionally intimidating subject and I promise that you will finish this episode ready to take your first step towards a new financial future. 

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