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The Make An Impact Podcast

Dec 28, 2020

If you felt like 2020 was a struggle year to get good, or any, media/press coverage - you are not alone! With everything feeling heavy between politics and pandemics, it felt nearly impossible to cut through the noise as a business owner, or non-profit professional. Well, not anymore! 

As you finish up your strategic plan for 2021, you *need* to make sure that a killer media/press/PR plan is on the list. And it doesn’t need to be any of the fancy paid stuff - you can get high quality and needle moving press coverage for FREE! 

Lilian Sue is the owner of In Retrospect Writing Services, providing strategic copywriting, publicity and social media services to a large variety of services, with a special place in her heart for the non-profit sector. She is also a co-founder of The Ignite Universe, an innovative audience engagement and growth platform, designed to help filmmakers to take control of their marketing and build engaged audiences by creating their own ‘Worlds’, giving audiences, investors and distributors a chance to learn about a film’s development & production journey. 

Make sure to take notes as she goes through the steps to create a great media kit, write a great headline, talk to the press, and more. Plus, you can follow her amazing (and free!) advice on Instagram: @liliansuecopywriterpr


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