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The Make An Impact Podcast

Dec 21, 2020

A life-long fundraiser, a big gift securer, an endowment fund guru, and author? Yup, Jack and I pretty much cover it all in this fundraising episode! Jack shares so many incredible and tangible pieces of advice on how to properly communicate with donors, the 5 responses you’re always going to get in fundraising, how to step up your in-person events, and more. Plus, we had a fascinating conversation all about endowment funds, how donors can set them up, and how to have those tough conversations when discussing charity in the will building process. 

If you love this episode and all the wisdom that Jack has to share, there’s a lot more! Check out his new book that just came out this month, Tales from the Trenches: What I Learned in 25 Years of Fundraising. Check it out on Amazon Smile here:


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