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The Make An Impact Podcast

Dec 14, 2020

As we come into the holiday season and end of the year, it’s easy to be at our burnout points and want to take some extra PTO. It’s normal and understandable to be extra burnt by the end of this year - how could we not be? But, when we take that time for ourselves, are we truly *resting*? 

If you’re mindlessly binging Netflix in the background, or playing the new Taylor Swift album on repeat, or thinking of your to-do list running in the back of your head, or constantly checking to see if the last of your holiday shopping arrived...are you really resting? Or are you still running at full speed and numbing yourself, just away from your work computer? 

I know, ouch. Most people don’t like being left alone with their own thoughts for that long and that causes a crazy non-stop loop running in our heads and makes us feel just as exhausted when we wake up the next day. It’s no wonder why the dark circles under our eyes won’t quit. 

Today, I’m challenging you to do some real rest. Rest for your soul. Rest for you. Because if you feel guilty for taking some time away from work or your to-do list, you aren’t going to feel any better when you catch up on emails the next day, just because you spent the evening on the couch. 

I end today’s episode with a simple guided meditation to help you relax and recharge. I hope you take a moment for you and enjoy!


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