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The Make An Impact Podcast

Nov 9, 2020

A Heather French Henry interview *needed* to be released in honor of Veterans Day week. 

This was a dream come true interview for me to do, as Heather French Henry has been my favorite Miss America since beginning my MAO journey back in 2012. I have always marveled at how she took her year as Miss America 2000 and launched it into a career (and lifestyle) of helping veterans, combating veteran homelessness, giving a voice to female veterans, helping to close gaps in veteran healthcare, and more. She is a fierce woman who took the opportunities in front of her and made pure gold -- furthermore, she made it her mission to share that gold with others. 

Heather is the only woman to have served as Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Veteran Affairs, launched her own charitable foundation, runs several businesses, wrote a handful of children’s books, is a fashion designer, a philanthropist, an advocate, a mother, and so much more. 

When Bert Parks famously sings, “she’s your ideal,” Heather certainly nails that description. Tune in to this episode to find out why! 


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